Supply Chain Management: The Importance of Packaging

Supply Chain Management importance of packaging

As the economy struggles to fully recover from the pandemic, supply chain disruptions across the country have caused record shortages of many products that consumers not only depend on but are also used to having readily available. From basic necessities such as food and water and medications to household goods and electronics, consumers and businesses alike have learned the hard way how very dependent we are upon reliable supply chains to keep our lifestyles running efficiently. Supply chain management is an integral part not only for customer satisfaction and business success, but also for the economy as a whole.

With supply chains more complex than ever, operational efficiency is crucial to ensure goods are being shipped and delivered quickly, safely and securely. Packaging plays an integral role in supply chain management as it provides valuable protection as products move from manufacturing to their ultimate destination. Packaging optimization is the system of preparing goods for safe, cost-effective movement throughout the supply chain without damaging product integrity.

With today’s dynamic distribution systems, corrugated boxes have become an essential part of our supply chain. Corrugated boxes are sturdy, can be built into a variety of shapes and sizes and are constructed of renewable sourced materials making them easy to recycle.

delmarva corrugated packaging boxes

Corrugated cardboard’s design consists of multiple layers: an outside liner, an inside liner, and a fluted layer between the two. The three layers are glued together to create corrugated cardboard. Corrugated boxes have become the packaging of choice for many businesses and industries as they offer maximum protection, are low weight, cost effective and sustainable.

While COVID-19 has been recently moved from being a pandemic to an endemic, it continues to have long-lasting implications on how our supply chain functions. It is critical for businesses to continue to create and build long-term resilience in their supply chains to manage future challenges.

Delmarva Corrugated Packaging is committed to creating innovative packaging custom tailored to your needs. We can help you build the best solution at the lowest cost combination to deliver your product safely and efficiently to your customers.


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