Delmarva Corrugated Packaging Opens New Manufacturing Plant

delmarva corrugated packaging plant in dover delaware

In October of this year, Delmarva Corrugated Packaging opened its doors for business! Our 457,000-square-foot “Best In Class” facility brings the newest technology to businesses with state-of-the-art packaging solutions that are innovative, reliable, and delivered both on-time and in a timely basis.

With the demand for packaging solutions skyrocketing, companies are looking for consistent high-quality packaging with reliable delivery dates. Our modern facility features the latest in industry leading technology and the most sophisticated equipment to meet this increasing demand. With our large capacity, businesses from small to very large can be confident that we can meet their growing requirements. Investments in cutting-edge capabilities give our customers a valuable technological advantage including:

  • Best in Class Paper-Sourcing
    •Best in Class Corrugating, Using Pressure Belt Flute Formation Yielding Superior ECT and BCT
    •Unique Flute Profiles to Best Meet Market Segment Needs

delmarva corrugated packaging

Our complete portfolio of products include industrial corrugated and interior packaging, to graphics and retail, to point of purchase displays and distribution. From conception, to production, to supply; we are committed to designing, manufacturing, and delivering a wide range of corrugated products in a manner that will exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Built on 37.4 acres in Dover, Delaware we will be adding more than 150 jobs to the area. We consider our Associate Team Members to be our greatest asset. We are building a “can do” culture where people can do their best work and “Be All They Can Be”. Our non-hierarchical management structure will allow employees to be involved and make a difference. Because we’re also invested in becoming a part of the community, the proximity of Dover Air Force Base gives us the unique opportunity to engage with those who serve our community and our country.

Driven by the needs of our customers and put into action by our employees, we are excited to build long-term relationships that are both rewarding and beneficial to all involved. We are committed to helping grow our economy by pursuing new channels that expand our American made products into an opportunity rich region, allowing us to deliver quality corrugated products to an ever-expanding customer base.

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