How to Choose a Better Corrugated Box

coose a better corrugated box

As a corrugated packaging manufacturer that’s been around for over 55 years, we know that finding the right packaging solution for your products can sometimes be overwhelming. With various shapes, sizes and strengths, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Whether you’re looking to ship products small and compact or large and heavy, choosing the right packaging solution is important to your company’s bottom line. Knowing the basics about building boxes can help. So here’s a guide to help you choose a better corrugated box solution to meet your needs.

Building a Better Box

  1. Assessment of Your Product – The first thing you need when choosing a corrugated box solution is a thorough assessment of your product.
    • What is your product? What your product is and any special considerations it has can influence your choice of boxes
    • Size and weight of your product? Knowing your measurements can help determine how tight or spacious your box needs to be
    • How many items will be shipped per box?
  2. Supply Chain – Supply chains are more complex than ever, knowing the logistics to ensure a safe and timely delivery is key.
    • How many boxes fit on a pallet?
    • Is there head space in the box once packed?
    • Does the box overhang the pallet?
    • Do you column stack or interlock your pallet pattern?
    • How many pallets fit on a truck?
    • Will your boxes be exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity?
    • How long is your transit duration?
  3.  Calculating your Box Crush Test (BCT)  Boxes lose strength over time. Calculating your BCT will help identify what’s needed for your packing and shipping needs.

Businesses need to focus on increasing sales, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.  The corrugated packaging you choose effects these outcome.

Delmarva Corrugated Packaging is committed to creating innovative packaging custom tailored to your needs. We can help you build the best solution at the lowest cost combination to deliver your product safely and efficiently to your customers.

  View Our Video on Building a Better Box 


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